I turn you off at the push of a button 
And you pretend that I don't mean nothing
I'm not gonna say it's easy to tell
But guess what honey I ain't no angel.

You like to scream these words as a weapon
Well go head take your best shot man 
I wanna leave you it's easy to see
But guess what honey it's not that easy

We get so complicated
These fingers full of memories

So rip my pictures from your wall
Tear them down and burn them all
Light the fire and walk away
There's nothing left to say so
So take the ashes from the floor 
Bury them to just make sure
That nothing more is left of me
Just bittersweet memories

I wanna run and escape from your prison
But when I leave I feel something is missing
I'm not afraid that's easy to tell
This can't be heaven it feels like I'm in hell
Your like a drug that I can't stop taking
I want more and I can't stop craving
I still want you it's easy to see ...

We get so complicated
These fingers full of memories

18.10.11 21:18

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