The things you gave me were
The things I needed most but dreaded more
I wonder why you dared
To show me what I'm longing longing for

Now you've torn down my walls
The walls built to protect me against this
You pushed me now I fall
The strongest man can be slain by a kiss
You trespassed on my frontiers
I felt this time I would not be deceived
You took away my fears
I opened up once more to see you leave

Your poison kiss spread through my body
Finally it reached my heart
I fall down on my knees and cry

I should have known it from the start


How could you be so mean
Your touch showed me a glimpse of paradise
You linger in my dreams
I still can feel you when I close my eyes
You cracked me like a nut

What did you gain except the certainty
So what did you get out
Of knowing you can make a fool of me


Demon Love
Demon Love
You make me despise myself
Degrade myself
Have mercy
Pass me by...

5.4.12 01:02

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